Stem Cells Injection: Stem cells can morph into any kind of cell of the body. They act like general contractors in rebuilding and repairing damaged tissue. We harvest your stem cells and re-inject them precisely upon the damaged tissue to generate healing. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection: Platelets contain multiple growth factors that speed up healing. We harvest platelets from your own blood and re-inject them precisely upon the damaged tissue to generate healing. 

What is the difference between Stem Cell Injection and PRP Injection? 
 - In many instances, PRP does as well as Stem Cell treatments and is more cost efficient. You can trust Dr. Pearson to guide you to the right treatment. 

What conditions would make for a great candidate?
- Knee Pain                     - Back Pain
- Rotator Cuff                  - Tennis Elbow
- Plantar Fasciitis            - Bone Fracture
- Arthritis                         - Sciatica
- Meniscus Tear              - Tendonitis
- Carpal Tunnel               - Sprain/Strain

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I put my body through the ringer when I was young so Titus got a science experiment when I signed on. I think the most importantly thing as a patient is having someone listen and focus on exactly what you need. I trust what they say and do and they are true professionals"
    Rick Q.
  • "When Todd Norris was recommended to be I had been in pain for over 2 weeks! Unable to exercise, walk, sit, stand, sleep... yes you name it. I couldn't do it without pain! After ONE treatment, I was back doing my beloved Pure Barre routine! Office staff was nice , scheduling was easy and I was seen on the same day I called. Todd explained his ART therapy method and I felt I was in very competent hands!"
    Latricia Brannon R.